Fermentation 101 '23 - Brooklyn, NY
Fermenting vegetables for community gardeners in New York City

MIT IDSS COVID-19 Research Impact Summit '21 - Online
The Challenges of Creating a Prison Pandemic Database

MapBox Webinar '20 - Online
Championing fair election maps with open data, law, and math

Progressive Hack Night '19 - New York, NY
Compiling a Precinct-Level Database

Open News Source Call '19 - New York, NY
Technology in News Cooperatives

Friendly Tech Space Summer Meeting '18 - Boston, MA
Centering Equity in Data Science

Electronic Statistics Research Conference '17 - Online
Survival Analysis of a Criminal Justice Decision Algorithm

Macalester College Dept. of Applied Mathematics '17 - St. Paul, MN
Honors Defense: A Statistical Analysis of Body-Worn Cameras in Police Shootings